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Take Aim Podcast

May 24, 2016

This week we sit down with field producer and editor of the The Crush Tv show – Mark Wooley from Sub 7. We get some behind the scenes info on what goes on with one of the biggest shows in the outdoor industry.
Instagram: @wooleymark

May 17, 2016

Hey Now! This week we talk with producer and editor for Sub7 media, Caleb Copeland. For those that don’t know, Sub7 works on some of the biggest shows in the outdoor industry. Shows like, “The Crush” and “Hunt Masters.” However, Sub7 does not only do shows – they do short films, commercials, product videos...

May 10, 2016

Hey Now! Back with me this week is Baker Leavitt and Michael Hyle from Kill Cliff. The last time Baker was on the show he had mentioned he was on his way down to Bama to turkey hunt with a mutual friend of ours and both Michael and Baker had a great time! Michael had a successful turkey hunt and we get to hear about all...

May 3, 2016

Hey now! This week we have Dan Staton on from his webiste We get to cover Dan’s background from owning a crossfit gym to also being one of the guys that founded the Train to hunt challenge while also writing for Hoyt and Bowhunter Mag. Dan is a man of many hats and drops some awesome knowledge on...