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Take Aim Podcast

Dec 19, 2018

This week we chat with Blake Ledger and hear how Blake dedicated this season to learning the in's & out's of Public land deer hunting and being a touch aggressive lead to killing his biggest buck ever. 

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Dec 10, 2018

We are joined today with Mike Stephan from Bear Ridge Media and Mike shares details of learning a new farm for the season and a trail camera tips that lead to the success of a giant December Whitetail in Kansas. 


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Nov 30, 2018

We are live with Jon Dittmer AKA Ditty from the Unfiltered App and he shares stories of his and his son's awesome MO deer season with them taking some truly awesome bucks! You can watch Jon on the Unfiltered App downloads for both IOS and Android 


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Nov 28, 2018

Back again with me this week is my Alabama buddy Brian Broderick from Day Six Gear and he is back from a Oklahoma Rut Bowhunting trip and shares details of the hunt and details on how to manage a big piece of ground on limited time schedule. 


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Nov 9, 2018

We are live with my long time friend Micheal Sobieraj from Indiana and we get the awesome details of Micheal's awesome once in a lifetime Mule deer he hunted last week in Nebraska. This is one amazing deer and is without a doubt one of the best mule deer ever take with a bow in the state of Nebraska. 


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