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Take Aim Podcast

Nov 27, 2020

Hopefully all had a great Thanksgiving and we are back from a trip down to the lease in Southern Ohio and Whitetail properties Land agent Shawn Kelley is back with me here to discuss some of the recent events and information we learned down on the new property.  

Shawn and some of his listings can be found on

Nov 15, 2020

**Little issue with some of my audio getting some background noise after I spoke, I do apologize.** 

What a season Curt Headington is having out in Iowa and now tagged out with not just 1 but 2 Booner's in a single season for the year and this podcast we talk about the deer he just killed 3 days ago called Turkeyfoot....

Nov 6, 2020

Blake Garrett is back with us and we diving into the current state of the Rut 2020. Blake is in MO and myself in MI and we sit down and discuss what part of the rut cycle we are in and also how to deal with these extreme temps in the 70's and everything you can do to put your tag on your #1 buck in 2020! 

Blake will be...